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The music in the evangelic world

The music in our assemblies

Music in Protestantism since the time of the Reformation.
Martin Luther ( 1483-1546 ) wanted believers to take part in the services by singing, but he found the Gregorian songs, the hymn of that period, too difficult. He thus arranged and adapted works of diverse origins: medieval popular hymns or even profane songs with words taken from the Bible and from Christian culture. Meetings of evangelical churches give a big place to the group singing. The American black churches were strong in giving it a festive side which attaches to the spirit of the Evangelical Faith."Singing together " therefore remains "modern" permanently "as part of" the everyday life of believers. The songs also  convey the message of the Gospel by  simple means in the modern world.

The place of the music in the evangelical church.
At its inception, the evangelical Pentecostal church, was an assembly with few musicians. Often the wife of the minister plays the piano to support her husband in the moment of singing, to avoid hymns being intoned in a tone difficult for the participants. More recently, the teaching of the music having become more democratic, numerous believers know how to play an instrument and so participate in the fellowship and the singing. The composition and the writing of the songs keep in step with modern tastes and numerous composers create hymns in current styles, the words always remaining very close to biblical texts.
In Manosque, for a long time the piano was the only instrument accompanying the singing. In the course of time, and due to various circumstances, other instruments came to join the praise music: flute, violin, saxophone, drum kit and electric guitar.
The music is never a performance or a show; it serves the singing of the worshipers and is a part of the worship. It's the expression of the faith of each one, it is musical praise to our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The choir Nouvel Horizon 

As the saying goes:  music hath charms to soothe the savage breast ". This should be a truthful saying. For us, music is a way to express the longings of our soul, emotions of enjoyment or sadness, but always hope.
The choir of the Evangelical Church of Manosque, called Nouvel Horizon, wants to stay in this spirit, by interpreting songs of evangelic inspiration, also called gospel.
Their voluntary participation is always appreciated: in religious ceremonies at the Evangelical Church or in other chapels, or at special events (weddings for example), or other occasions (music festival, meetings of choirs).
The singers have made a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, and want to sing of what He has done in their life, and what he can also do in yours…: they present  a repertoire with several songs in different styles, which proclaim God's love and power. This message sung with simplicity but conviction is addressed both to grown ups and younger generations to delight their ears and especially their heart...
Their songs are very emotional moments. A calendar with their appearances will be held up to date on this site. We hope that you will soon be able to enjoy their songs and hear the magnificent message sung of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

See you soon.
Music fair is each year the opportunity for the choir Nouvel Horizon to make hear on the public place magnificent gospels, as much by words as by music.
La Chorale Nouvel Horizon La Chorale Nouvel Horizon
Sunday February 14, 2010, the choir Nouvel Horizon animated the day in the evangelical church of Marseille Saint Antoine.
This day of meeting with the congregation of this assembly was marked by joy to meet together, the conviviality of one meal in common and the involvement to a ceremony of baptism.
It was with a real pleasure that all together, we could appreciate the songs proposed as much as the brotherly musical benefit proposed by the group of youth of this church by the choir.
Here is, oh! that it is pleasant, that it is soft For brothers to stay together!
Psalms 133:1 hymn of the degrees. Of David.
La Chorale Nouvel Horizon Le groupe de jeunes

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