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The church of Manosque, its history

Ancienne salle It was in 1945 that the gospel was announced for the first time in Manosque.
We occupied the room of marriages in the hotel of "Négociants".
Mr LAFAYETTE, minister of Aix-en-Provence, came then, and held the meetings in Manosque. Quickly the number of Christian grew; the gospel won the land. At the time of our gatherings, several having faith in God, experimented the divine recovery, the forgiveness of their sins, the salute and the peace of their hearts.
In 1954, we have to rent a local bigger, suited avenue de la Gare, today avenue Jean Giono. Mr. and Mrs. SCOTT, pioneers of the movement of God's Assemblies of France, came to Manosque at this time.
In august 1976, the church of Manosque became autonomous.
At that time, being tight again, we decided to look for a new building. This is how we acquired a land (Rue des Ponches) on which our church was built. In 1980 it was inaugurated officially.
The ministers followed each other in the next order:

AiméCizeron, Albert Leblond, Charles Legrand, Marcel Fontana,
Barry Clark (opening of the annex of Apt)
Jo Santana (opening of the annex of Sisteron)
Pierre Riccone (inauguration of the room rue des Ponches)
Guy Vivier, Michel Balverde, Jean-Marie Jullian, André Moreau
Frédéric Tobal, Jean-Bosco Kanyandekwe the present minister of he church

As a gardener seeds his field and is delighted to the crop, the church is delighted with to sow the Speech of God" seed of life " :

" Since the morning, sow your seed. Ecclésiaste 11/6."

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